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Submits a sitemap containing every website or blog review with text relevant links that we carry out.

Getting content seen is the key to success.
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Reviews, a good way to get website content found.
is NOT a link submission service. It is also not an article submission service. It is FAR better than that.

Our own team of independent writers will visit every website or blog that requests our service to write a review of up to 500 words describing the website content seen on the Internet. The genuine review of the website content will include a standard link to the home page PLUS one text word relevant link.

The review is independent and will be keyword descriptive. It will not be an endorsement of the company itself and it will not be negative either. What will be found on the internet in searches however will be an accurate description of the website or blog.
Now the good news. Once your website review is in our system it is included in our "websites reviewed" sitemap that is submitted to Google and all other search engines.

There is no need for pictures on the review as CONTENT is KING.

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Costa Difference Ltd in Spain did just that and now their web review is submitted to search engines as part of our sitemap every time we update.

A review published on is cost effective. Only £10

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Once we have carried out your review you will be sent the link to the page on this site and you will then see what Google and all the other search engines will see every time we resubmit our full sitemap. Simple and all for a one time fee.

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