Services Membership

How to become a member?

Got an idea for an internet business? Got a PayPal account?

Make your business come to life with a WordPress website linked to a Facebook Page. Working from home does not get any easier. A £20 or €20 or $20 one-time membership payment is required to secure a members-only WordPress expert service for only £10/€10/$10 an hour.

Our services are for members only to ensure every client receives a five* service. Members have access to low service charges plus billing in 15-minute increments to ensure value for money at all times.  

What your WordPress expert can do for you

  • Arrange your domain name if you do not have one. Happy to suggest a few.
  • Arrange to host your site if you do not already have one.
  • Discuss your site requirements before the build begins, including theme suggestions.
  • Build your site, allowing you to do as much as you can if needed to keep costs low.
  • Help maintain your site by being on call when you need help.
  • Time spent is billed in 15-minute segments, so you only pay for the time it takes.
  • No monthly fees for WordPress support; you only pay when help is needed.
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